Kids Dental Launches New Clinic Experience!

At Kids Dental, we believe that developing a life long commitment to positive oral health doesn’t just happen. That’s why we’ve created a kid-friendly dental experience that your whole family will love!

It all starts with our newly renovated family area, “The Grinich Village School of Magical Dentistry!”

Our family reception area features comfortable chairs & bistro tables, and our discovery zone features playful pavilions filled with entertainment for children of all ages, including a screen room filled with iPads loaded with fun video games and movies, our new magical photobooth – where parents and their kids can share their visit to win great prizes – and our interactive kid-sized kitchen area that’s perfect for the little ones!

And it doesn’t stop there! Our Kids Dental examination rooms are colourful & calming, and our patient Kid-friendly staff always go the extra mile to make your child’s appointment enjoyable, stress-free and fun!

Call 204-222-KIDS (204-222-5437) to book your next appointment and set your kids up for a lifetime of healthy smiles today! 🙂