Welcome to Kids Dental

At Kids Dental in Winnipeg, our office is designed to help children feel safe and comfortable while having FUN! Our staff loves children, and that is why we have chosen such wonderful personalities to work with your kids. We also pride ourselves on making parents’ confidence in our practice a priority. We strive to alleviate and fears and anxieties associated with dentistry through patience, empathy and exceptional care.

Join the Cavity-Free Generation!

We help children become part of the cavity-free generation by teaching them how to take responsibility for their oral hygiene from an early age. Together, we can help your child achieve a lifetime of healthy and happy smiles.

Winnipeg’s Dental Home for Children for Over 12 Years

To facilitate our mission of happy, healthy, cavity-free children, we have created a “dental home” for you and your child. In a warm and welcoming home-like setting, we are breaking down the barriers sometimes associated with a traditional dental visit.

A Kids Dental Home Provides:

  • An accurate risk assessment for oral diseases and conditions
  • Anticipatory guidance about growth and development issues (e.g., tooth eruption; thumb, finger, or pacifier habits; feeding practices)
  • A plan and resources for emergency dental trauma
  • Information about proper care of the infant’s or child’s teeth and soft tissues
  • Collaboration with other dental specialists, such as oral pathologists, orthodontists, pediatric dental specialists and periodontists, within our dental home when required.

Your Kids Will LOVE the Grinich Village School of Magical Dentistry!

We want to engage your child in a fun, magical journey of discovery that makes them excited to return to the dentist. Our newly renovated, state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind discovery area, the Grinich Village School of Magical Dentistry, is filled with entertainment for children of all ages! It includes iPads, games, movies, a play kitchen, photo booth and so much more! Grinich Village is truly a magical and fun way to ensure that your children look forward to their next dental visit!