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Ask the Dentist

tooth decay
Dental Health is a complex topic, and no matter how much information is available, parents will always have questions. That's why Kids Dental has provided a space where you can feel free to ask a dentist exactly what you want to know!

When should my child first see a dentist? < Read More >
Do you have any advice on teething? < Read More >
How can I prevent tooth decay from a bottle or nursing? < Read More >
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Ask the Dietitian

Good nutrition not only helps dental health, but overall well being. Eating well in childhood can set up a lifetime of good habits, vitality, and great smiles. But understanding the specifics can be difficult sometimes, and it can help to have a professional to turn to.

What is a healthy diet for my child? < Read More >
How does diet affect my child’s teeth and dental health? < Read More >
What can I do to make my child’s diet safe for his teeth? < Read More >
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tooth decay
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